College Campuses: Home for Risky Behaviors?

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College campuses and its risky behaviors


Teenagers will face a different kind of world as they enter college. These years are often considered one of the most difficult times of a person’s life. It can be challenging for teens as they cross the rocky bridge between childhood and adulthood. The most challenging decision that an ill-prepared teenager can be confronted with is whether to start using drugs or alcohol. It is perfectly normal for a teenager to try new things during this part of his or her life as it is a time of exploration. The thing that alarms parents, teachers, and society the most is the risk for these bad behaviors, such as drinking alcohol or taking drugs, to become larger problems and destroy lives.

What might be the causes for these risky behaviors?

  1. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a dominant force in the life of a teen and it can be either a positive or a negative influence. This time is when young adults are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in world. The desire to be accepted in a peer group makes a young adult face tough decisions which they can then regret throughout their lives. Peers can sometimes be more influential than a person’s parents. Making sure that a young adult knows how to stand up to such situations is important especially when those situations involve drug abuse.

  1. Curiosity

Unfortunately, most teens end up in alcohol or drug treatment centers because they were curious about drugs and they let that curiosity rule their decisions. The desire to try and explore new things the world did not offer during childhood can be extremely great. This trait can be a good thing but in order to keep young adults safe, they must be taught about the dangers of drug abuse. When people enter college, they are on their own for the first time and when their values are not encouraged during childhood, they are at a greater risk of falling prey to their curiosity.

  1. Ignorance

The most avoidable cause of drug and alcohol use is lack of information about addictive substances. We have to face that the fact that young adults don’t really know what’s good and bad for them. College-aged individuals do not have enough information about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, so they often start experimenting with alcohol or drugs because they believe it isn’t harmful. To educate a young adult about the real facts of drug and alcohol use can end their ignorance.

  1. Pleasure

It sounds fun getting high or drunk with friends but this will only last for a moment. Young adults who can’t find a healthy outlet when they are depressed or troubled may turn to drugs or alcohol for fun and pleasure. Many can’t resist the opportunity to make themselves feel better, so they often abuse a substance which makes them feel wonderfully happy, energized, and confident. This can seem harmless but many times is leads to dependency and problems with health, legal matters, and relationships.

  1. Media

Young adults agree that movies, TV shows, and social media make drug and alcohol seem like not only acceptable, but glamorous. A survey shows the impact of drug and alcohol use to young adults after seeing photos, movies, or shows which depict college-aged students using drugs, encouraged them to do the same.

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