Getting a New Start with Drug Addiction Center

Treating an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol ideally involves a comprehensive treatment approach that helps clients address and work through the underlying issues that caused the problem in the first place, in order to ensure the best possible chances of a long-term recovery.

Treatment programs at San Antonio Addiction Treatment have been created around addressing every aspect of addiction. Medication and psychotherapy programs help clients to replace their destructive habits with positive ones. San Antonio Addiction Treatment accepts clients with addictions ranging from illegal drugs like heroin and methamphetamine to legal substance such as alcohol and prescription medications.

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Signs and Symptoms of Dependence

Getting the help you need before physical dependence and mental addiction develops. This will not only save your life but protect your health and ensure a higher quality of life for yourself and those around you. A few of the common signs and symptoms that indicate there is a problem include:

  • The inability to cease the use of drugs without assistance
  • Experiencing intense cravings
  • The continued use of drugs even though they cause legal, financial, health, and/or relationship issues
  • Becoming gradually more neglectful of home, work, or school responsibilities
  • Losing interest in once enjoyed hobbies
  • Suffering from withdrawal symptoms after the discontinued use of drugs
  • Being confronted with an intervention



What Does a Drug Treatment Center Offer?

Breaking the client’s physical dependency is the first step of rehabilitation. During medical detox, an experienced team of physicians oversee the process to ensure safety and administer medications to ease the discomfort of withdrawal. The first phase of rehab paves the way for the second phase which involves treating the complex psychological issues surrounding the addiction. A wide variety of treatment therapies are used to help clients become more self-aware and build a foundation for long term success in recovery. The last phase is the regular participation in aftercare programs like support group meetings and individual therapy, which helps the individual maintain sobriety once treatment is complete.